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Our Clients Say

"With our greetings and congratulations 

for NDI's 40th Anniversary!" 


"Greetings from NDI The Gambia! On the occasion of NDI's 40th anniversary, we strongly believe democracy matters because for countries transitioning from tyrannical rule like The Gambia, it sets a strong foundation for the consolidation of good governance, respect for human rights, and development."

NDI The Gambia 

"Being part of the NDI adventure is a blessing for us. We contribute to making opportunities in our countries and communities in a continent where the States remain fragile."

NDI Democratic Republic of the Congo

"Greetings from Sierra Leone, West Africa! On NDI's 40th anniversary, our country is proud to have more women elected to parliament in the June 2023 elections. Thank you for your solidarity and support. Let's continue to work together for our shared values in strengthening our democracy."

NDI Sierra Leone

"On NDI's 40th anniversary, we believe democracy matters because it is the guarantee that all citizens enjoy their full rights and liberties. Hence, we are committed to keep the fight. Thank you for your solidarity and support for our shared democratic values. Let's keep working for democracy and making democracy work!"

NDI Tunisia

“Jordan has taken advanced steps towards democracy in light of the recent reformed laws. NDI has made great efforts in this area through encouraging popular participation, promoting accountability, transparency and making a vivid difference in parliamentary work and performance.”

NDI Jordan

"Greetings from Yerevan! As we mark NDI's 40th anniversary, we believe that democracy matters because it's the perspective of a brighter future where everyone's voice is valued, rights are protected, and development is achievable. Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts and let's continue being united in our mission to promote democracy in Armenia and globally."

NDI Armenia

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